360 Disinfection Cycle

Make your spraybooth more useful during the Covid crisis thanks to this smart addon developed to clean all traces of virus, bacteria and odors inside the cabin. Your cars and any other equipment will be fully disinfected in no time with the 360 Disinfection cycle. 

This extra equipment is currently being developed and it will be retrofittable in any spraybooth on the market.

360 Disinfection

Fast and deep disinfection for any object located inside the spraybooth (unlike other products in the market that only accomplish partial disinfections)



This addon can be used either as a standalone equipment, or retrofitted on any spraybooth with slight modifications

Safe to use

Any potential harmful COVs are completely cleaned by the spraybooth extraction cycle

Boost your productivity

Having your cars disinfected is a must during this pandemic crisis. The “360 disinfection cycle” will add an extra function to your booth in order to make it more useful and profitable

Main advantages

  • Fast and deep disinfection
  • Retrofittable installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be integrated as an extra cycle on your PLC touchscreen (depending on spraybooth model)
  • For new spraybooths, this addon could be integrated with the whole installation without occupying any extra space
  • 100% made in Europe

Technical features (under development)

Please note that this equipment is currently under development. Send us an email through the contact form on the right to receive more information on the product and to be one of the first to receive this specialized equipment.

Under development

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