About 360 Zolutions


360 Zolutions is a company specialized in customized surface treatment solutions at competitive prices, granting high quality and a first-class service.

With more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the analysis, design, manufacturing and implementation of installations worldwide, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions covering a wide range of products from the most simple spray booth up to the most challenging and complex surface treatment project.

A wide range of services including a professional after-sales service and preventive maintenance plans ensure a long lasting lifetime and efficiency of each installation.

360 Zolutions is not just a name or a number. It is a way of understanding how to focus on each project in order to achieve customer´s full satisfaction.


Our target is to add value to our customers’ business.



We offer solutions that guarantee a perfect finishing of their products and services.


Our Core Values

To provide our customers with a firm commitment to be innovative and at the forefront of technological developments. We are convinced that we can enhance the performance of our products using state-of-the-art technology and granting maximum efficiency. It is crucial to cooperate with our customers prior to the project engineering phase up to its end-use application in order to achieve optimum cost effective surface treatment solutions granting flexibility, productivity and quality.
We are convinced that providing a good work environment, employees develop an attitude of continuous improvement and commitment developing a high capacity to meet challenges. Our customers profit from a high level of attention, quality and service from our experts in the surface treatment industry nowadays.
Our focus will always be the challenge of today, ensuring our customers a tailored installation and a good service but we will always keep an eye on pioneering surface treatment solutions in order to improve our knowledge with the main target to offer always the latest and most innovative customized solutions.

We Are Global And Have Projects Worldwide