Aeronautical Paint Booths

We design and install aeronautical paint booths and equipments addapted to customer needs. Aviation coatings require precise environmental control over temperature and humidity in order to cure properly, and contamination control is a vital factor in the aviation finishing process. 360º Zolutions aircraft paint booths meets the highest standards in the world.

We ensure safe working conditions, thanks to an almost complete lack of overspray and the application of ATEX environments safety measures. For each design in the prototyping phase we carry out mathematical simulations and experimental tests to validate the performance under stress conditions. We also aim for the lack of turbulences, the distribution of speed and temperature as well as the consumption and overspray of the application materials.

Custom Spray Booth and Finishing Systems for Aeronautical Manufacturing

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We know that aerospace manufacturers rely on experts to support them in the operation of their facilities, and where spray environments are at risk, they choose us for proven experience and reliability. That’s our promise to you, too.

At 360º Zolutions, every manufacturer we meet presents a unique set of aerospace paint booth issues that must be solved through a custom aerospace spray booth design.