Clean Air – Bodyshop Air Purifier

The new Clean Air is a portable filtering solution capable of removing dust, odors, smoke, voc’s, mists, spray powder, bacteria and toxic fumes from the environment.





The clean air is a very small and portable equipment that could be placed just beside the working area to clean VOCs and remove odors

Healthy Environment

Workers will always be protected from VOCs and other unhealthy chemicals coming from paint and derivates.


  1. Cleaning up the work environment
  2. Improving workers’ health condition
  3. Balancing the workshop ambient temperature
  4. Saving valuable floor space

Technical Features

  1. Double speed motor
  2. Centrifugal fan
  3. Pressure sensor with sound to filter change
  4. Extracted Airflow: 500-1.800 m3/h
  5. Noise level: 0-65 dB
  6. Filtration system with activated carbon
  7. No return gate
  8. ATEX II 3G

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