Blasting systems

We are experts in blasting systems and equipments. More than just a method for cleaning surfaces, it is a crucial technological process for producing goods to a high standard of finish. The quality of work and the procedure to achieve it rises in line with the level of technology utilized. Both of these factors bring about considerable savings – financial and in human capital.

Our aim is to help you on the optimization of this process, studying deeply your activity and offering you the equipment or installation more adapted to your needs.

For this, we stand by following technologies and systems:

  • Monoblock blasting booth (self-installed).
  • Industrial blasting booths (customized).
  • Mobiles blasting pots 50L., 100L., 200L., 340L., Y 340L. double.
  • Abrasive recovery systems automatic or manuals.
  • Integral solutions for small items blasting.

Customized Pre-treatment solutions

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