Compressed Air Heater

Designed to solve the problems caused by changeable temperatures of the compressed air during the process which do not permit paint nebulization at the correct temperatures with relevant differences of the aesthetic result.

Self-regulating Temperature

It keep the selected temperature constant, adjusting itself continuouslyto optimize spraying applications

Large heating tube

This technology heats only the end part nearest to the exit of the compressed air, so the tube could reach even 24 meters in lenght.

Energy Saver

Reduced energy consumption. 10 times less compared to systems that uses thermocouples or electric resistances


The small size and low weight allow an easy installation within any professional context

Demo video

Learn how a compressed air heater works

Technical features

Dimensions214 x 164 x 80 mm
Compressed air connection1/4”  (in/out)
Power Consumption60W (30°)  –  160W (40°)  – 220W (50°)
Power Supply230v – 50Hz (+/-10%) ou 115v – 60Hz
Maximum power220W
Maximum current (peak)2A
Output air temperature30°C –  40°C –  50°C  (+/- 10%)
Hose material0,23 Kw
Hose diameter

Inner Tube: Smooth, black, in EPDM rubber

Cover: EPDM rubber resistant to high temperature, abrasion, weather conditions and ozone

Hose lenght12 or 24 meters

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