How to keep your spray booth in perfect condition

Do you want to keep your spray booth in perfect condition and ensure a flawless finish? If the answer is yes, please read on.

There are two important ideas: the first is the fact that we know that the cleanliness of the vehicle’s surface is extremely important to guarantee a quality finish. The second is that keeping a cabin in good condition guarantees optimum results in surface treatment. To achieve both and to ensure that the result of your work is excellent, here are some of the keys:

High-quality Preparation Area

Firstly, it is important not to park vehicles for a long time in the preparation area, especially if it is not well equipped, but what it is more important is to have a good quality preparation zone. A well-insulated preparation area with efficient air extraction and filtration is key to keeping the bodywork free of dust and impurities.

For a good insulation of the preparation area, curtains – either manual or automated – or roller doors can be used. This ensures that the surface of the vehicles is as clean as possible when entering the cab.

Protect your Spray booth

Secondly, it is advisable to use film or some kind of wall protection in the spray booth. This is a simple way to protect the lighting and windows from the paint mist produced during painting.

The use of this protective covering reduces the cleaning time of the painting booth as the amount of waste generated is much lower due to the adhesion capacity of the protective film for dust and varnish particles.

Open your painting booth carefully

Thirdly, to avoid dust particles and residues from the surface preparation phase, we recommend not to open the spray booth doors after the booth has been switched off, but when is already in energy saving or cleaning mode, which guarantees a minimum air flow.

Ensure structural booth conditions

Fourthly, remember to keep the booth free of fixed elements where dust or particles can accumulate. Thats the way to ensure that the structural conditions of the booth are maintained according to the manufacturing standard.

Check your pressure switches

Finally, we recommend you adjust the pressure switches periodically, which are responsible for diagnosing the state of the filters and therefore for notifying variations in cabin pressure by means of the alarm system connected to the control panel.

Last but no less important, let´s put the attention in our most popular advice. It is important to carry out periodic maintenance of the installation. This review will also help us to guarantee a better result in your finishes, which is why 360 Zolutions always recommends preventive maintenance programmes and regular filter changes, as these are key actions for optimum and efficient painting results.

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