360 Disinfection Tunnel

The 360 tunnel is being developed to check and disinfect human beings and any other objects in public spaces as a response to the Covid-19 emergency protocols. 


Fast vapor-induced disinfection for bodies and objects



The Tunnel can be easily moved thanks to its small size and included wheels

Temperature check

Optional thermometry IR equipment to check abnormal temperatures on human beings.

Contactless operation

The disinfection process is fully automatic and contactless

Main advantages

  • Full Automatic Disinfection
  • Hand Sanitizing
  • Thermometry (optional)
  • Contactless operation
  • Vapor-induced disinfection
  • Movable booth
  • 100% made in Europe

Technical features (under development)

Please note that this equipment is currently under development. Send us an email through the contact form on the right to receive more information on the product and to be one of the first to receive this specialized equipment.

Under development

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