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Euro Spray Booth

360 Zolutions can offer you the right spraybooth for you bodyshop workflow. Our solutions are fitted for customers who seek performance and value in their products and a fast return of investment.

Thanks to the wide variety of options and our expertise in the sector, your expectations will be fulfilled since the first repair.

Our spraybooths are developed entirely in Europe, using only first brand components such as Siemens, Schneider, Philips, Osram, Saint Gobain, etc., ensuring a great lifespan and minimal downtimes of the booth.

Common Features:

MATERIALS Galvanized lacquered sheet with a treatment of five layers of polyester and plastified
ISOLATION Fiberglass. Non-leaking assembly between panels with double glazing to prevent heat loss
FRONTAL Two Doors for vehicles access: laminated and doubled glazed with air chamber and service door for workers with security system.
Optional: 2nd Service Door mounted on the side of the booth (800 mm wide).
LIGHTING 4 LED tubes (extratable from the interior). >1000 lux.
GENERATOR Two turbines, stainless steel boiler and automatic gas burner (2 Stages – Dt = 30ºC). WITH RECICLYNG
EXTRACTOR 2 ATEX turbins with motorized dumper to regulate pressure inside the cabin
AIRFLOW 0,25 / 0,30 m/s (depending on the configuration)
CONTROL PANEL Independent form the spray booth

TOTAL GRID, composed by galvanized grids of reinforced rectangular mesh with interior ramps (no civil work option). (E.T.)

Optional Interior exterior ramp with or without civil work


With the addition of a digital control panel to your spray booth, you will have full control on every operation and will be always informed on incurred costs & alarms.

  • Gas or Gas-oil burner
  • Direct Flame Burner (better efficiency).

A crossflow aluminium plate exchanger assures an efficient heat exchange between exhaust and fresh air, resulting in great energy savings

OPTIONAL: Rotary Heat Exchanger

Optionally available for side walls and corners.

Fluorescent setup on-demand.

Interior or exterior ramp available to avoid civil works.

Optional Pneumatic Ramp to maximize the internal space of the booth (for interior ramps).

Pneumatic Ramp Video

Standard measures

Length  Width Height Airflow (m3/h) HP Lighting (W.)
6,44 m. 4,08 m. 3,47 m. 22.000 7,5 576
3,73 m 22.000 7,5 576
3,87 m 22.000 7,5 576
4,38 m. 3,47 m. 26.000 10 576
3,73 m 26.000 10 576
3,87 m 26.000 10 576
Length Width Height Airflow (m3/h) HP Lighting (W.)
7,34 m. 4,08 m. 3,47 m. 26.000 10 768
3,73 m 26.000 10 768
3,87 m 26.000 10 768
4,38 m. 3,47 m. 30.000 10 768
3,73 m 30.000 10 768
3,87 m 30.000 10 768
Length Width Height Airflow (m3/h) HP Lighting (W.)
8,24 m. 4,08 m. 3,47 m. 31.000 15 840
3,73 m 31.000 15 840
3,87 m 31.000 15 840
4,38 m. 3,47 m. 33.000 15 840
3,73 m 33.000 15 840
3,87 m 33.000 15 840

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