Five advantages of powder coating as surface treatment

Five advantages of powder coating as surface treatment
Powder coating is one of the most common painting solutions.
It has various applications in industry but is especially key for metal treatment.

Powder coating refers to the complete industrial process of treating metal parts. As mentioned before, this process has different phases: it starts with the preparation of the pieces, including washing and pretreatment, continues with a drying phase to eliminate humidity, after it’s time for the application of the powder coating and ends with the curing in an high temperature industrial oven.

What is exactly powder coating?

The material used in this process is a mixture of resin and pigment particles, sprayed in the form of tiny powder particles on the metal surface, which, being electrically charged, provides immediate adhesion.

Below you can read some of the advantages of powder coating, which have led to an increase in the use of this surface treatment in recent decades.

Reasons for powder coating

  1. Optimisation of resources and processes
    The powder coating process offers a high level of resource optimisation because it is a highly recyclable product. The powder coating lines are adapted for the raw material recycling, between 95 and 98% of the raw material used is recovered. Moreover, it is a surface treatment that allows the automation of the lines, and therefore a high level of optimisation of the industrial processes.
  2. Ecology and Sustainability
    One of the main advantages of powder coating is that its composition is solvent-free, it is a thermosetting paint that does not need any polluting thinner for its application.
  3. Colour choice
    Powder coatings offer a wide variety of colours and textures that are difficult to achieve with other types of paint. It is a practically unlimited range, which added to the technical possibilities of the line, allows a great performance in the alternation of these colours.
  4. Product durability
    Powder coated products ensure a highly durability. With regular maintenance, the powder coating can last up to 20-25 years in good condition, which is a significant difference compared to liquid painted products.
  5. Application and finish quality
    The application of powder coatings is simple, does not require highly skilled labour and allows a high quality finish to be offered, which increases the production capacity and efficiency of the line.

In addition, the electrostatic power of powder coating gives a high level of homogeneity in the final result of the application on the surface, especially in parts with more complex geometries. We can not only achieve a homogeneous coating but also a high level of thickness with a single paint application.

These are some of the key points and advantages of powder coating. Coating lines that can be fully adapted to different industries and business needs.. A customised design can be made according to your company’s production requirements, ranging from manual processes to full automation of the line.

Consult our specialists for an assessment of your needs and how your coating line processes can be optimised.

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