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It is a portable filtering solution capable of removing dust, odors, smoke, voc’s, mists, spray powder,

The perfect air filter solution for preparation areas. If a body shop intends to optimise the

The SATA Air Filter is designed for supplied air respirator systems and high quality spray air.

DeVilbiss Air Filter DVFR-8 Regulator Coalescer with Activated Carbon Filter is part of our air filters

Designed to solve the problems caused by changeable temperatures of the compressed air during the process

Renew you spraybooth lighting. Improve the brigtness and ensure high lux level to see the quality

Guarantee the proper isolation of your working area with high quality door locks. Our systems avoid

Our spraybooths are equiped with sensors that will allow you to measure you installation temperature levels

We offfer devices designed to detect and measure the presence of volatile organic compounds in the

Ceiling filters are crucial to ensure the quality during painting process. These Roof filters have a

High quality paint-stop filters made of fibreglass. located in the floor, in the side or in

The air inlet filters or air prefilter guarantee the supply of clean air to the workspace.

Carbon activated filters are the most effective solution to guarantee a good air quality on your

Specific filters adapted to mobile painting devices such as the paintTROTTER and wood refinish industry. These

Wide range of spray guns for coating and undercoating protection application. We can give you a

The perfect accesory to help on yor repairing processs,Car trolleys make easy the vehicle movements between

Our wide range of compact Infrared Dryers will adapt your business needs. An affordable investment that

IR Dryers are the perfect solution for faster drying processes for small repair operations. Infrared dryer

Infrared Dryers are the perfect solution for faster drying processes for small repair operations. The 360

The operator lifting platforms are solutions to make easier the painting processes in industrial jobs. Safety

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