360 Zolutions provides you the perfect spray booth for your body shop workflow

The Automotive Sector is one of our main divisions. We develop high-performance painting cabins, preparation areas, paint mixing rooms and finishing equipment for body shops and collision centres. We offer you equipment that guarantees a safe work environment by accomplishing all the quality and environmental regulations.

Specialised in finding an optimal solution for your car repair center, fitting our equipment just where it’s needed in order to save valuable space, while offering top notch performance and remarkable energy savings. 

We offer coating systems for the preparation and painting of many different vehicles: cars, buses, commercial vehicles, lorries, vans, motorhomes, etc.

Custom automotive painting booths according to your needs

We offer a wide range of options for gates and walls structure, electrical or mechanical control panels, lifting platforms and the most suitable airflow system to control temperature and humidity inside the cabin.

Our automotive spraybooths are developed entirely in Europe, using only first brand components such as Siemens, Schneider, Philips, Osram, Saint Gobain, etc., ensuring a great lifespan and minimal downtimes of the booth.

Thanks to the wide variety of options and our expertise in the sector, your expectations will be fulfilled since the first repair. Our solutions are fitted for customers who seek performance and value in their products and a fast return of investment.

Check our projects catalogue of spraybooths and preparation areas disposition, a wide-range of painting installations that would fit the body shop space and production requirements.

General Industry

We design customised painting equipment for any industrial finishing.
At 360 Zolutions we are capable of delivering any kind of solution: from small personalised painting equipment to mass production paint finishing lines for different industries.

Wide-range of sizes and configurations for industrial spray booths makes the difference in our products. 360 Zolutions adapts your surface treatment facilities to your production requirements.

Fully equipped painting installations, manual or automated equipment, integrated airflow systems with vertical, horizontal and side collectors, flexible gate system adapted to your production measurements and digital control panel.

We offer custom solutions for every specific need while working with the client in every stage of the project. 

An industrial spray booth adapted to your needs


We install complete painting lines and custom designed installations for railway industry and rolling stocks manufacturers. 

We have been present in the railway sector for more than 10 years.

We develop automated coating installations for full-scale repairs adapted to railroad wagons and locomotive dimensions. Equipment for manufacturers of rolling stock in surface-treatment (wagons, locomotives and “bogie”), as well as engineering and repair-shops (“depot”) for the maintenance of long-haul and metropolitan lines in full-scale repairs.


Large dimensions spraybooths with robotisation systems that ensure the correct temperature and humidity levels and the traceability of the painting process. Our coating and blasting equipment meet the security specific requirements for treating rolling stock components (such as the experience of potentially explosive dust) as well as a safe working environment with ATEX environments.


We offer coating solutions to the aerospace and defence industries.

We design and manufacture adapted painting booths for aircraft structural components or small parts and finishing systems for complete aeronautical manufacturing. Preparation Areas and cleaning rooms, spray booths and ovens and blasting booths customised to aeronautical requirements.

Our facilities allow for detailed surface treatment that ensures long-term corrosion protection, protects against the surface effects of increased aircraft speeds and the effects of environmental conditions.

360º Zolutions aircraft paint booths meet the highest quality standards

We ensure safe working conditions, thanks to an almost complete lack of overspray and the application of ATEX environments safety measures. For each design in the prototyping phase we carry out mathematical simulations and experimental tests to validate the performance under stress conditions. We also aim for the lack of turbulence, the distribution of speed and temperature as well as the consumption and overspray of the application materials.

Wind Power

We design painting installations for the wind power industry.
Custom made painting installations for wind turbines. In 360 Zolutions develop optimised spray booths adapted for painting blades, nacelles and small parts for wind power components manufacturing.

After 15 years in the wind energy sector alongside with reference companies in Europe, we managed to robotize the process of blade-painting, thus minimising overspray, optimising the trajectories and reducing the cycle runtimes for each part and variant whilst adapting to the characteristics of the product applied (viscosity, time for drying, thickness and number of layers…).

Our painting installations are automated and allow you to remotely control the processes, to analyse the energy consumption, the amount of material applied and all the production cycles. Our automation systems let you trace and reach the international standards required for temperature, humidity and process time, as well as a safe working environment with ATEX environments.

Wood Refinish

We design and develop painting solutions for wood treatment. Our spraybooths are adapted for the unique requirements of woodworking industries which require specific spray paint operations.

We install painting installations that fit the specific requirements for the furniture industry and wood treatment. Optimised cabins for polishing and pre-preparation process, as well as high brightness booths for painting and varnishing.

We ensure quality systems for single or multi-layer painting and varnishing for wood materials. Equipment that guarantees the beauty, durability and resilience over time of the wood products and its composites.

Spray booths customised to wood refinish works

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