Do you need a spray booth? These are the questions you should answer

Spraybooth keys

When considering the decision to buy a spraybooth or to renovate your industrial painting installation, it is important to answer the following questions. Make key decisions to get an efficient spray booth installation that suits your business needs.

What size spraybooth do I need?

Your spraybooth is defined by your needs. We must take into account the maximum size of the parts to be painted and based on this data we design a customised design. That is why the diagnosis and design phase of the project is key for our engineering team.
What type of vehicle or part do you usually treat? What type of surface do you repair? What is the size of the surface? There are solutions of different dimensions and features that can be adapted to your technical and production requirements.

Which filtering system should I choose?

For the spray mist to be extracted efficiently, the booth must have a quality filtration system that is suitable for the materials used.

There are several stages in the booth filtration system. The first is the filter that allows the air to enter the booth clean; these are pre-filters that clean the outside air that enters the booth of particles from the generator, so that it does not adulterate the painted surface and guarantee a non-contaminated working environment.

Next, pay attention to the Paint Stop Filters, which are fibreglass filters that collect the paint left over from the paint spraying process. These filters retain the paint overspray during application and prevent it from passing through the booth machinery, thus ensuring the good condition of the ventilation machinery and the motors and ducts.

Finally, we cannot forget the extractor filter: it can be synthetic and/or activated carbon. This is a filter that controls emissions of both particles and volatile components into the environment.  This filter is key to ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly installation.

To achieve this standard of filtration quality, regular maintenance and replacement of filters is key, so that paint residues do not interfere with the daily repair work.

What are the options for spraybooth heating systems?

Maintaining control of your spraybooth temperature is key to ensuring your productivity and energy efficiency. There are different heat systems for spraybooths, so you need to assess which one suits your needs.

The first key is to assess the cost of the available fuels (oil, gas, electricity, hot water); the second is to check the energy efficiency of each system and the last is to consider that each heat system has a different infrastructure, with the corresponding cost of implementation and maintenance. For example, with an indirect gas or oil burner you will need a flue gas extraction duct, but not with a direct gas or electric resistance (or water coil) burner.

How do I improve energy efficiency?

For an efficient spraybooth, attention must be paid to the structural elements. Issues such as the insulation of the panels, the airtightness of the door seals and the good condition of the rubbers help the efficiency of a spray booth. In addition, complementary systems can be implemented to control and reuse the heat generated, such as heat recovery systems -either plate or rotary-.

Finally, as we have already mentioned, the decision of which burner to use in our installation is the key to the efficiency of the spraybooth. In addition, the good regulation of the burner with a control system in the electrical panel of the air speed according to our needs can help to a more efficient consumption of our main work tool, such as the spray booth.

That’s all for now! Do you have any doubt before investing on a new spraybooth? Contact our team and we will gladly help you.

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