Paint mixing room

Paint Mixing Room

The perfect solution to pair with any liquid paint installation. Use this convenient room to store all your products and make paint testings. It includes a filtered air exhaust system to extract VOCs and keep the environment safe & healthy to work.


Very customizable setups with height and lenght to match the spray booth configuration.

Healthy Environment

Thanks to the included air exhaust system, the operator will always be protected from VOCs and other unhealthy chemicals coming from paint and derivates.


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Standard measures



LengthWidthHeightAirflow (m3/h)HPLighting (W)
3.61 m.2.55 m.2.51 m1.1000.3372
6.44 m.2.55 m.2.51 m1.8000.75144
7.34 m.2.55 m.2.51 m1.8000.75144
  1. The paint mixing room heigh could match the spray booth height with a special complement in order to make the installation more aesthetically pleasing
  2. An optional lateral door could be installed between the mixing room and the spray booth (fast access)
  3. Customizable width
  4. ATEX motors available (2.500 m3/h)
  5. All configurations includes a filtering screen for paint mixing tests
  6. Low consumption LED lighting