Mobile Painting Booth

paintTROTTER Mobile Spray Booth

paintTROTTER Refinish has been designed to perform painting and sanding jobs on small surfaces with a flawless quality and reduced cycle time while saving up to 90% of energy consumption compared to a traditional spray booth.



With a paintTROTTER you don’t have to move vehicles inside the booth… the booth moves to them.


Perfect for minor aesthetic repairs and small Paint finishing Jobs (which nowadays represents at least 80% of the total activity of the bodyshop)

Energy Saver

With combined high efficiency motor and LED lighting, the paintTROTTER consumes less than 3 Kw.

Time saver

With a paintTROTTER Refinish you will be able to perform small refinish jobs within 45 minutes, while your spray remains available for more demanding operations.

Quick repair operation video

Mobility and Lean technology at it’s bests.

Technical features

Extracted Airflow6.000 m3/h
Air velocity1 m/s
Average air velocity in working area0.5 – 0.8 m/s
Average light intensity1.500 lux
Noise level65 dB at 1 meter
VOC retention capacity80-97%
Motor power2,2 Kw
Light power0,23 Kw
Filtration steps5+1 including cardboard, paint-stop, sinthetic and activated carbon
Measures4.300 x 1.100 x 2.150 mm


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Some pictures of the paintTROTTER at work