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Preparation Area 6.1

The most cost-effective solution to prepare and sand vehicle or pieces in your bodyshop. Like any other 360 Zolution product, the 6.1 preparation area is fully modular and can be adapted to the clients need with a wide range of add-ons.



The Preparation Area 6.1 is very customizable and it can be adapted to every bodyshop


The only bay that grow with your needs. You can start with a very simple setup and keep adding new features when you need them


Optimal solution for bodyshops that still don’t have high budgets but are committed to offer an optimal result

Gridding options

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Standard measures

LengthWidthGridAirflow (m3/h)HPFilter Surface (sqm)
6,30 m.4,00 m.Full20.0005,59,16 m²
Full22.0007,59,16 m²
Partial20.0005,59,16 m²
Partial22.0007,59,16 m²
LengthWidthGridAirflow (m3/h)HPFilter Surface (sqm)
7,20 m.4,00 m.Full22.0007,59,16 m²
Full30.0001012,5 m²
Partial22.0007,59,16 m²
Partial30.0001012,5 m²

The only prep area that grows with your needs 

Start with a small inversion that fits your current workflow and keep adding complements while your business grows

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