Liquid Painting

 We design and manufacture liquid painting booths adapted to any industrial sector.

Liquid painting is a widely employed method for finishing surfaces such as plastic, wood, and metal. Our extensive experience enables us to develop tailored liquid painting solutions that cater to a diverse range of products. From standard manual painting spray booths up to the most complex and automated wet painting installation, including combined spray and dry booths and mobile painting equipment.

We install painting booths of different dimensions and sizes, pressurised with an airflow system, filtering plenum and filtering floor that guarantee a constant temperature and humidity inside the cabin. We also implement conveyor systems, and a wide variety of lifting platforms following your business requirements.

We specialize in creating and producing highly efficient solutions for surface preparation and pre-painting processes. Our equipment is completely customizable, designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of your facility and maximize your production optimization. It also guarantees workers safety and the compliance with environmental regulations.

360 Zolutions also provides a professional after-sales service and preventive maintenance plans adapted to your painting installations.

Painting systems adapted to any industrial sector

Long-lasting experience as suppliers for automotive sector, wind power, railway, aeronautical and general industries as well as for wood refinish customers.


High-performance paint booths and finishing equipment are developed for body shops and collision centres.

General Industry

Customised painting equipment for any industrial finishing. A wide range of installations at your disposal.


We design and develop complete painting lines and custom installations for railway industry and rolling stock manufacturers.


Coating, design and manufacturing solutions for paint booths adapted for aircraft structural components.

Wind Power

Custom-made painting installations for wind turbines. Spray booths for blades, nacelles, and small parts.

Wood Industry

Spray booths customised to fit the specific requirements of the furniture industry and wood treatment.

Wide-range of industrial painting solutions at your full disposal

In 360 Zolutions we design and install equipment for any stage of your painting process

Preparation Areas

Spray Booths

Paint Mixing Rooms

Mobile Painting Solutions

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