Spray Booths

Spray booths that can be customised following your business needs.

Within our extensive catalogue, we offer a wide range of painting booths that are 100% made in Europe. Whether you require spray booth for the automotive industry, small body shops, or larger booths tailored to accommodate your specific product sizes and industry requirements, we have you covered.

Our spray booths will ensure a high quality coating, for that reason they can be equipped with vertical side wall or back airflow and with sectional or full-surface ventilation. These booths include a filtering system (plenum and floor) that will ensure a constant temperature and humidity inside.

In order to ensure efficiency, we offer you different heating options, from gas or gas-oil burners up to direct flame burners. We also install heat recovery systems, a crossflow aluminium plate exchanger assures an efficient heat exchange between exhaust and fresh air, resulting in great energy savings.

Standard Spray Booths

We install standard spray booths, ranging from 6 up to 9 metres in length, and from 4 up to 5 metres in width. These spray booths offer the ideal solution for both the automotive and general industry sectors. With their standardized measurements, they are designed to enhance the workflow of your body shop, providing improved efficiency.

You can customise the painting booth with interior and exterior ramps available to avoid civil works during assembly and optional pneumatic ramps to maximise the internal space of the booth.

Common Features:

MATERIALSGalvanized lacquered sheet with a treatment of five layers of polyester and plastified
ISOLATIONFiberglass. Non-leaking assembly between panels with double glazing to prevent heat loss
FRONTALTwo, three or four wings door available for vehicles access: laminated and doubled glazed with air chamber and service door for workers with security system.
LIGHTING4 LED tubes (extratable from the interior). >1000 lux.
GENERATORTwo turbines, stainless steel boiler and automatic gas burner (2 Stages – Dt = 30ºC). WITH RECICLYNG
EXTRACTOR2 turbins with motorized dumper to regulate pressure inside the cabin
AIRFLOW0,30 m/s (adapted to your industry needs)
CONTROL PANELIndependent from the spray booth
FLOORTOTAL GRID, composed by galvanized grids of reinforced rectangular mesh with interior ramps (no civil work option). (E.T.) Optional Interior exterior ramp with or without civil work

Standard measures

Standard 7M

LengthWidthHeightAirflow (m3/h)Lighting (Lux)
7,20 m.4,00 m.2,80 m.30.000 m3/h1000 Lux

Standard 8M

LengthWidthHeightAirflow (m3/h)Lighting (Lux)
8,40 m.4,00 m.2,80 m.35.000 m3/h1000 Lux

Take full control of your spray booth's performance with our advanced automation system

Our painting booths are fully automated, they include a digital control panel that will allow you to be informed on incurred costs & alarms. A wide management of your painting process and the possibility of data analysis.

Our spray booths are fitted for customers who seek performance and value in their products and a fast return of investment. Thanks to the wide variety of options and our expertise in the sector, your expectations will be fulfilled since the first repair.

Big Dimension Spray Booths

We develop painting booths that range from 15 to 50 meters in length, specifically designed for various industries. Whether you require surface treatment for trucks, buses, large machinery, cranes, railway components, or wind power parts, our spray booths are adaptable to meet your specific needs

One of the key advantages of these installations is the significant reduction in operating costs, thanks to the sectional ventilation system. By dividing the airflow inlet into sectional areas, the ventilation is activated only in the specific work areas where surface preparation or painting activities are being carried out. This efficient system results in enormous savings in electrical and thermal energy consumption. These installations can be equipped with operator lifting devices, and this equipment determines the ventilation area that would be automatically switched on/off.

Furthermore, our big dimension painting booths offer additional flexibility by allowing the division of working areas based on the size of vehicles or items being treated. An intermediate door offers us the possibility to use the ventilated space following our production needs. For instance a bus spray booth which measures approximately 26 metres long, could be divided thanks to a motorised intermediate door in two painting areas of 16 and 10 metres long.

360 Zolutions offers you a customised study of your needs and will find the most suitable equipment for your business requirements

Ventilation Unit placement

We design specific ventilation units following your temperature, humidity, and airflow requirements. We offer several possibilities to design this units as a compact solution and they could be placed in different positions, in order to save space in your installation.

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