Powder Coating

We are specialists in powder coating systems, our company puts at your disposal a customised study of your needs concerning powder coating installations.

We offer integral solutions, projecting complete lines of powder coating process or independent equipment always adapted to your production and operation times.

360 Zolutions develops a wide range of powder coating installations. From manual powder coating systems that can be upgraded and expanded depending on your business needs, up to fully automated lines for large-scale production.

Powder Coating lines that can be fully adapted to different industries and business needs. A customised design can be made according to your company’s production requirements. 

Trust us for your powder coating needs, and experience the lasting durability and exceptional coating quality achieved through our advanced cleaning, coating, and drying solutions.

Pretreatment systems

We design and install surface pretreatment equipment adapted to different industrial sectors. Custom made washing systems – booths, chambers, tunnels or tanks – following your production requirements.

The pretreatment system performs cleaning, rinsing and preparation of the surface of the items or products. Before entering the painting application process, it is important that the surface is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, oils and contaminants.

The number of stages and which chemicals should be used for this cleaning process depends on the items or products that are going to be treated. The purpose of the pre-treatment system is to prevent corrosion and to increase adhesion of the paint by treating the surface with e.g. alkaline/acid degreasing, iron phosphate, zinc phosphate or similar.

Our main goal is to achieve the optimum result, for that reason the finishing system must be designed to fit your production requirements.

Our pretreatment systems:

Pretreatment booth:

Custom automated and manual booths for spray washing of metallic materials, for degreasing, phosphate application, passivation and rinse processes, that includes product recovery and filtration systems, to reduce water consumption.

Tunnel pretreatment:

Integrated and automated washing systems into the automatic painting lines through the conveyor system that increases the speed of the process and adapts to the piece's production dimension.

Pretreatment in tanks immersion:

An efficient system that guarantees high quality and productivity results used for aluminium processing, suitable for the requirements of this material and the size of items.

Systems of Powder Coating Application

We offer immersion and projection painting systems that can help you to be more sustainable by reducing the environmental impact, reducing the waste of powder disposal and also to increase your productivity.

The most efficient solutions depending on your production needs

Drying and Curing Equipments

We offer custom-made stainless-steel drying and curing ovens, with different gate systems and equipped with heat generators to set up the correct temperature for each process. Drying systems with direct or indirect heat exchange, completely integrated in the powder coating line through manual or automated conveyor systems.

Our drying ovens are developed to remove any remaining water or fluids from the pretreatment stages, ensuring optimal adhesion of the powder coating. During the drying phase, it is crucial to maintain a temperature range of 80°C to 100°C. The airflow must be uniform, unidirectional, and at a specific speed to effectively eliminate humidity.

In addition to drying, our equipment is designed for the curing phase, which involves adhering and fixing the powder coating to the surface while preserving its properties. These ovens can reach temperatures between 180°C and 200°C.

We offer a wide variety of possibilities for drying and curing stages such as Tunnel drying process, High temperature ovens or Infrared drying ovens.

Conveyor systems

We offer innovative overhead and floor conveyor solutions adapted to your coating line needs. For easy handling and efficiency in our surface treatment process, we need to save time and facilitate the passage of the piece through the different phases. Our lines are equipped transport conveyor systems which will fit perfectly the physiognomy of your item to be treated, and your production rate. From monorail or manual conveyors up to power & free systems, we provide a wide range of transport systems.

Fully automated lines

We develop systems that cover the entire powder coating process necessary for optimal surface treatment, our aim is to optimise the surface treatment and upgrade our customer production times. 

These automated systems are equipped with an automatic handling that helps the coating process to be more flexible and adapt to changing colours and simultaneous painting of pieces of many shapes.

Additionally, all material transfers along the line are fully automated, reducing the burden on operators and maximizing efficiency. This enables our customers to offer flexible deadlines to their own clients and enhances their responsiveness and service quality.

Improve your coating line performance thanks to automation and data analysis

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