Automation & Robotics

Automation lines

We develop automated systems that cover the entire powder coating process necessary for optimal surface treatment, our aim is to optimise the surface treatment and upgrade our customer production times.

These automated systems are equipped with an automatic handling that helps the coating process to be more flexible and adapt to changing colours and simultaneous painting of pieces of many shapes. Also, all the material transferred on the line are fully automatic, protecting operators from unnecessary effort and maximising times. Our customers will be able to offer much more flexible deadlines to its customers and will gain in reactivity and good service.

Improve your coating line performance thanks to automation and data analysis

Our powder coating installations are controlled by a PLC system that facilitates operator´s workflow and allows our customers to control processes, consumption, energy costs and times providing all the necessary information to control the line minute by minute.

Customised digital solutions: control and connect your painting process thanks to Industry 4.0

This smart technology helps you to manage useful information about painting line performance, the control tools and the data extraction allows you to focus on the logistic transparency. You will have detailed processes timing, product traceability, equipment behaviour, line status in order to predict the need of preventive maintenance and other customised features. In addition to a robust set of conventional tasks, our automation system also provides the ability to easily incorporate customer-specific requirements. We offer 4.0 Industrial solutions specifically designed for your coating installation, a smart solution to monitor and control in detail your paint shop.

Process Optimization

To optimise a process, a workflow must be effective. Because of this, 360 Zolutions places a global perspective on project design and planning while paying attention to the entire process chain.

We have the solution to optimise your workflow and improve your painting installation performance

Additionally, we develop formulas for maximising the efficiency of your painting facilities through conversion and expansion. Our consulting service will examine your daily work processes and enhance them to prevent production and cycle time losses.

Energy Efficiency

360 Zolution´s systems are a perfect integration of cutting-edge technology and sustainability. Thanks to automation and technological devices we can reduce up to 80% the energy consumption of your painting installations. We build painting plants equipped with control systems for monitoring your performance and production data.

We help you to reduce the energy costs

This reduction in energy consumption is possible thanks to control technology and specific features such a precise filter system, a highly effective heat recovery system and fully automatic control of pressure and airflow performance.

We are environmentally conscious

Sustainable technologies are integrated in our production process and ensure an added value to our customers, we guarantee not only reliability and high cost-effectiveness but also the most thorough preservation of the environment and nature.

We have a long-term mind: save energy costs and be more sustainable

We can’t deny that the spraybooths and dryers are big energy consumers, consequently in 360 Zolutions we offer diverse measures for saving energy and making your installation more efficient. With this reduction in energy consumption, you not only will save production costs but also will be more sustainable and reduce your CO2 emissions. We work to improve your painting line sustainability, for that reason we design and develop surface treatment solutions with a long-term mind, painting systems adapted to a green future with Industry 4.0 as a core value.

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