Mobile Industrial Spraybooth

Repairing small areas on large vehicles or machines has never been easier with the new and improved skyTROTTER Evolution
The skyTROTTER is ideal to perform small repairs with minimal operational costs and cycle-times.
Learn more about this comprehensive quick repair solution:

Time saving

The booth moves to the vehicle. Only one operator can perform a full refinishing job within minutes.



Autonomous battery powered movement + 40 meters of retractable power cable to perform the refinishing jobs.

Energy Saver

The energy consumption is focused on the damaged area of the vehicle.


Increase your incomings by spending less money in energy and logistics while reducing cycle-times.

Main Features

  • It reaches 3,8 m. in height when fully elevated and can move up to 40 meters away from the power socket thanks to its retractable power cord.
  • Battery powered displacement with rubber wheels and fully functional direction
  • Built in 4 Stages filtration system with Activated Carbon
  • Fully operated from inside the booth with a user friendly control panel

Technical features

Dimensions3.220 x 1.430 x 3850 mm
Weight2.300 Kg
Airflow6.000 m3 /h
Air Speed1,26 m/s – 0,5 m/s avg.
Displacement speed2,5 km/h (2 speeds)
Battery for displacement48v with automatic Smart Charger
Lighting950 lux
Electric traction220 Nm par
Voltage380 V / 50 Hz
Noise levels74 dB(A)
Power cable40m of automatic triphasic retractable cable
Max. elevation2.400mm on the booth floor
3.800mm on the working area
Elevation systemsDouble-Cylinder Electro Hydraulic scissor Lift
Elevation average time30 s.
Max load200 kg
Max operators1
Filtration systemANDREA cardboard
Activated carbon (120kg)
Safety systemsRear view camera and screen
Anti-entrapment device platform
Yellow strobe light
Anti-shock rear bumper
Proximity sensor for the approaching phase
Control panel inside ATEX Cabin

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How does it work?

6 easy steps to quickly perform small refinishing jobs…


1. Enter

Enter the booth through the accesible lateral door

2. Move

Move the skyTROTTER to the desired location. The skyTROTTER is equipped with a 48v battery to operate the displacement mechanism without plugging the equipment to the power socket.


3. Plug & Lift

Once the workplace is reached, plug the skyTROTTER to the power socket. Use the control panel to lift the booth to the desired position.


4. Approach

Use the control panel to horizontally approach the booth to the working area in order to creat a semi-closed environment.

5. Refinishing

Turn on the ventilation and start working on the damaged area. The 4 Stages filtration system will clean the VOCs in the environment.

5. Repeat

Once the work is done, move the booth to the next area and start over the process