All your painting processes under control with the 360 Smartbooth digital panel


We configure and install the most common working presets used by the client and related to a specific refinishing step (masking, paint, varnish, drying…). With a single click the entire cabin is set up to carry out a specific process with the indicated times and temperatures.

Other advantages:

  • Minimize errors coming from manual settings
  • Reduced configuration times

Detailed information on the status of the cabin and possible faults / alarms:

Thanks to the Smartbooth system, it is possible to obtain real-time information on the booth status, including possible alarms and faults that are easily identifiable by the customer.

  • Detailed record on the operations of the booth in order to improve the productivity of the workshop.
  • Easily fix or report bugs to the Lagos customer service department, reducing possible downtimes.

Smart metrics:

The smart metrics on the Smartbooth panel will help you schedule maintenance and review tasks, alerting you when interventions are necessary based on the actual hours of use of certain parts of the cabin. 

  • Better management of process times
  • Better scheduling of maintenance tasks, reducing possible failures.

Energy savings:

The Smartbooth panel can fix bad usage habits or occasional forgetfulness that may occur with the use of a paint booth and will continuously impact on the energy consumption. 

  • Possibility of turning off the cabin automatically if it is not used for a certain time.
  • Possibility of turning off the light if it is not used for a certain time
  • Specific events can also be created based on customer needs (customizable by software)

Costs evaluation:

Thanks to the Smartbooth panel it is possible to obtain estimated costs of the operation of the cabin, thus being able to improve cost control and optimize it accordingly: We will be able to obtain:

  • Estimation of energy consumption (Electric, Gas, Gas-oil)
  • Accounting of effective working time