SATA Prep Filter 103

If a bodyshop intends to optimise the quality of the compressed air in the preparation area for the first time ever with the installation of a new device, the triple-stage SATA filter 103 prep with integrated activated charcoal filter is the first choice.

Only consistent cleaning of the compressed air in preparation areas reliably avoids coating flaws causing costly rework and customers’ dissatisfaction.


The activated charcoal filter module thoroughly protects the painter from harmful vapors and gases

The microfibre fine filter filtrates particles of 0.01 micron size, ensures a filtration degree of 99.998 % (100 % technically clean air) and thus prevents bad paint jobs and expensive redos

The saturation degree of the fine filter can be read at the dual gauge

Very high air flow: 3,600 Nl/min at 6 bars (130cfm at 90psi)

The cyclone separator thoroughly removes oil and water from compressed air

The automatic condensate discharge valve prevents condensate from entering into the compressed air line (low servicing efforts)

The large sintered bronze filter filtrates particles of 5 micron size, has a long life time and is easy to clean

Sturdy metal housing, making the combi fine filter unit with activated charcoal filter perfectly suitable for temperatures of up to 60° C (140° F)

The pressure regulator with gauge allows easy pressure adjustment

Technical Details

Air inlet: G 1/2 int.

Operating Inlet Pressure: 10,0 bar (145 psi)

Operating outlet pressure: 10,0 bar  (145 psi)

Air flow rated at 6 bars/87 psi: < 800 Nl/min (< 28,3 cfm)

Max. surrounding temperature (Not suitable for heatable spray booths!): 50° C

Weight: 4,1 kg

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