Tips to improve the efficiency of your painting installation

Tips for improve efficiency of your painting installation

On the following lines you will find some ideas for improving efficiency of your painting installation. Energy efficiency is a priority during manufacturing processes, especially withe the global situation we are facing. A powder or liquid paint facility must ensure the efficient energy use throughout all stages. In this post we try to explain the main causes of efficiency loss and how you can reduce the energy consumption of your industrial painting facility.

Industry is a strategic sector for reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, it is important to focus, from the design phase of any industrial facility, on the incorporation of technological improvements. In addition, it is key to incorporate equipment that optimises the efficiency of each process and the implementation of energy control systems.

There are many factors that affect the energy efficiency of your painting installation.
When the equipment is not optimised for the lowest energy consumption, it has lower quality materials or it does not receive preventive care, our paint line is being inefficient. This can be avoided by focusing on the following ideas:

1) Knowledge of the installation

The design and planning phase are key to maintain long-term energy efficiency. Knowledge of the preparation, pre-treatment, painting and drying processes as well as the particularities of the equipment and materials allows us to offer tailor-made solutions that aim for maximum performance with maximum energy efficiency.

2) Ensuring the quality of materials

When it comes to energy savings, quality is important. An installation whose materials are a benchmark of quality, guarantee durability and ensure better energy optimisation. For example, ensuring that paint booth filters comply with European standards and quality requirements, or guaranteeing efficient insulating materials in drying processes, as well as opening and closing doors that ensure the control of residual heat.

3) Technology to ensure efficiency

The automation of industrial processes allows you to improve efficiency and make your company more competitive. Thanks to the standardisation of processes, the measurement of elements and the detailed control of the parameters during the whole workflow, production is optimised and energy savings can be achieved.

4) Preventive maintenance and regular equipment checks

Last but not least, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance of the installations. In addition to a correct daily use, periodic reviews and controls of the equipment, allows us to keep the installation in the best conditions, ensuring its durability and reliability. Annual maintenance by a professional guarantees that the technology, materials and efficient design will last over time and extend the useful life of the equipment.

maintenance preventive 360 zolutions

The efficiency of your painting installation is crucial, for that reason 360 Zolutions projects and lines are designed to consume as little energy as possible, based on the quality of the materials, knowledge of the processes for their optimisation, the use of technology and the control and preventive care of the facilities. Our equipment has, among other features, heat recovery and recycling, maximum efficiency motors and fans, and water consumption saving programmes.

If you want to know in detail how to optimise your painting installation, consult our team, we will offer you a personalised solution, adapted to your specific case.

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