Wind Power Surface Treatment

We implement complete processes for metallic coating of support elements and parts, painting of the blades, nacelle-protection, solar panels, etc.

After 15 years in the wind energy sector alongside with reference companies in Europe, we managed to robotize the process of blade-painting, thus minimising overspray, optimising the trajectories and reducing the cycle runtimes for each part and variant whilst adapting to the characteristics of the product applied (viscosity, time for drying, thickness and number of layers…).

Customized Spraying Solutions for Wind Power



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Our wind turbine blast and paint facilities utilise the latest technologies to ensure you get the best results. At 360º Zolutions we believe in making sure the systems we install are as energy efficient as possible.

We have a thorough understanding of the challenges involved when preparing and applying coatings to wind turbines and our unique approach offers quality results and faster production rates.

With this in mind, we can include controls that adjust the airflow to suit a spraying, flashing off, drying or empty situation. We also monitor for the presence of personnel in the paint booth and control the lighting accordingly as well as monitoring the filter condition and indicating when it requires replacement. We can in certain situations include a recirculation system when spraying, significantly reducing your heating costs.


Wind Turbine Tower Blast and Paint

Our innovative approach to spray booth and paint booth solutions ensures the customer is always supplied with a solution that fits their production requirements.