Wood Surface Treatment

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The woodworking industries have different types of spray paint operation than most others, and have their own unique requirements. 360 Zolutions recognizes these distinct needs, and we can design a solution that will take into account the total environment in designing your booth. Whether you need a conveyor/pass through booth, have robotic sprayers, “Cure” in-line, we can meet expectations.

The finishing executed in a single or multi-layer paint or coating and its quality are the cornerstone of the quality perceived by the customer. A good treatment will also provide increased durability and resilience over time emphasizing the beauty of the wood and its composites (as it is the case in the Wood Plastic Compound WPC).

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Our installations will enable traceability for certifications according to International Standards on treatment conditions (temperature, humidity, processing time, …). We ensure safe working conditions, both due to an almost complete lack of overspray in the working place as well as due to the safe conditions in the ATEX environments.

Paint & Powder Coating

We design and produce surface treatment lines that save time and energy for any industrial sector